We have built a fast and reliable way to double your ETH, our powerful verified randomization comes from the Oraclize API - and we provide better odds than a roulette wheel at a 49.21% win rate. For more information on FLIP Tokens (or to simply say hi), check out our Subreddit. We plan to distribute earnings to FLIP Token holders in the future.

There is also a small chance to earn MDT (Million Dollar Tokens) everytime you play. We plan on running interesting concepts with MDT, with the first being able to spend MDT to capture all earnings of the EtherFlip contract for a given period of time (i.e. for a 6 hour time block).

Total FLIP supply: 15,000,000

Flip Address: 0xC997d07b0bC607b6D1bCb6fB9D4a5579c466c3E5

Total MDT supply: 1000

MDT Address: 0x37f014c64d186EAf879C0033846B51924cE42584

Current FLIP amount issued per loss: Token Distribution Completed

Current MDT amount issued when lucky: 1

Developer holding after ICO: 33%

Current max that can be sent: 1.0 ETH

Current min that can be sent: 0.1 ETH

Check out our smart contract code to better understand how it all works.

Randomization has always been an incredibly difficult feat to accomplish on the blockchain. The random byte we use is created by a verifiable proof housed on a Ledger Nano S via the Oraclize team. To learn more, we encourage you to read up about this API and how it works here. Each transaction will consume gas in order to ensure the round trip verification of the random byte. This gas will come out of the initial amount of ETH sent to the contract. As we scale, we will increase the amount that can be sent from 0.1 to 10+ ETH, perform enhancements on gas pricing, and build fun and interesting features into our product.

Why use EtherFlip? Our odds are among the best in the industry, and we are using a method that is not exposed to a 3rd party (such as

In the instance that you win, the smart contract will automatically send back the (amount - totalFee) * 2 to the same address the initial ETH came from.

**When using EtherFlip, do not use exchange based wallets or you will not be able to receive sponsored tokens or MDT.